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Dr. Simkovich effectively treats concussion patients nationwide whose symptoms have not been reversed by standard treatment options. His revolutionary science-based intervention has achieved overwhelmingly positive & predictable results.

Concussion / Traumatic Brain Injury Expert

Concussions caused by brain trauma can get progressively worse if standard treatment options fail. Often, if normal cranial bone movement isn’t re-established, the brain can not and will not return to pre-concussion status. Dr. Simkovich specializes in Cranial Movement Therapy (CMT).

Do You Suffer These Conditions?

Headaches, Difficulty Concentrating, Memory Issues, Insomnia, Dizziness, Anger Outbursts, Depression, Poor Hand-Eye Coordination, Learning Disorders, TMJ, Migraines, Motion Sickness, Loss of Balance – all of which cranial movement therapy consistently has treated.

Meet Concussion Specialist, Dr. Charles Simkovich


Dr. Charles Simkovich is a concussion specialist who treats clients nationwide. He is one of only a handful of practitioners in the United States certified to implement Cranial Movement Therapy (CMT) to treat concussions and neuro-traumatic injuries. Unlike many standard forms of concussion treatment, CMT is a treatment informed by anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience for which we have experienced tremendous success with our patients for over 30 years

Due to the success of Cranial Movement Therapy (CMT), patients have traveled from throughout the U.S. and as far as Europe to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in order to seek Dr. Simkovich’s expert opinion. Many of these patients, including prominent athletes from the NFL, NHL, PGA, LPGA, and pro-boxing organizations, had previously suffered for years from concussion symptoms that standard treatments failed to alleviate. The results he has achieved for his patients have often been described as “life-changing,” and in many cases, these treatments have resulted in full restoration of the patient’s pre-concussion status.

No matter where you reside, if you’re experiencing debilitating symptoms due to a head injury, I urge you to call right now, free of charge.

Still Struggling with concussion symptoms? You should be not struggling.

Do you know the real truth about concussions? The truth is that the brain can not and will not return to pre-concussion status (heal) without proper treatment. Our treatment is the only “known” concussion treatment that actually addresses your injured area utilizing Cranial Movement Therapy.

Simkovich Cranial Institute’s approach utilizing Cranial Movement Therapy has been proven effective by numerous objective tests. including the widely used ImPact Test, Physical Therapy Exit Exams, “Pre and Post” concussion testing as well as self-reporting surveys provided by patients themselves. During the 32 year span of Cranial Movement Therapy’s clinical findings, the results have yielded the same, predictable results for thousands of patients.

Currently Simkovich Cranial Institute is underway with two formal research studies with Wheeling Universities Doctor of Physical Therapy School which will soon be presented in an forthcoming press release.




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  • I used to get tired after reading just one paragraph. My ability to concentrate was awful. Thanks to Dr. Simkovich’s treatment, I can now read several chapters without a problem.

    Don Luce Professional NHL Player 1968-1982

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