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“Treated" and Still Suffering?

Concussions can go unnoticed causing the problem to get progressively worse. Moreover, most traditional treatments fall short of reversing problems arising from concussion.  If normal cranial bone movement isn’t reestablished, the brain cannot and will not return to pre-accident status.

Our Treatments Stand Up to Every Test
Our success has been proven over the past 31 years through multiple independent, objective tests, including the ImPACT (an FDA approved testing standard.) Due to these consistent results, we are able to predict the success of our patients’ Cranial Movement Therapy (CMT) treatments.
Do You Suffer These Conditions?

Headaches, Difficulty Concentrating, Memory Issues, Insomnia, Dizziness, Anger Outbursts, Depression, Poor Hand-Eye Coordination, Learning Disorders, TMJ, Migraines, Motion Sickness, Loss of Balance – all of which cranial movement therapy consistently has treated.




Success Rate


Years Experience

Struggling With These Symptoms?

» A large percentage of the patients we have successfully treated have previously been treated unsuccessfully by standard means.

» Rest, sleep, and sedentary activity. These standard, outdated methods of treating a concussion are virtually ineffective because they tend to the symptoms, not the concussion itself.

» The “multi-disciplinary” approach of prescription medication should not be the appropriate treatment. The truth is that if normal cranial bone movement isn’t reestablished, the brain cannot and will not return to pre-accident status.

» Our treatment is the only concussion treatment in existence that provides relief directly to injury, without medication or surgery. Other concussion clinics constantly change their treatment methods, and actually host summits to declare what hasn’t been working.

» Our treatment has remained the same for over 30 years, all the while yielded positive results.

» CMT has been proven to be successful by numerous objective tests, including the ImPact test.

Get Appropriate Treatment from an Appropriate Specialist

Meet Concussion Specialist, Dr. Charles Simkovich

Pittsburgh’s Dr. Simkovich is a concussion specialist, and is one of few practitioners in the United States who is trained to implement Cranial Movement Therapy (CMT) to treat concussions and other brain function impairments. Unlike many standard forms of concussion treatment, CMT is highly consistent and achieves an unprecedented 90% success rate.

Due to the predictable and successful outcomes of this unique brain function therapy, Dr. Simkovich has attracted and treated patients from all over the country, as well as from Mexico and Europe. Many of these patients, including prominent NFL players, had previously suffered for years from concussion symptoms that standard treatments failed to alleviate. The results he has achieved for his patients have often been described as “life-changing," and in many cases have included the full restoration of pre-concussion conditions.

“No matter where you reside, if you’re experiencing debilitating symptoms due to a head injury, I urge you to call me now, for your free consultation."

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