Dr. Simkovich was born and raised in Belle Vernon, Pa. After High School and College he was accepted to Palmer Chiropractic College, graduating in 1984. He began practice in January of 1985 in his hometown, moving to his present location in Wexford, Pa in 1986.

After six months in practice, Dr. Simkovich desired to be able to provide greater services for his patients and became involved in research of cranial bone movement and their effect on brain function. Much of this early time was spent in Brooklyn, New York with Dr. Ferreri, a pioneer in the field.

In late 1986, Dr. Simkovich switched his practice to specialize in treating various brain diagnoses, including concussions, learning disorders, and autism.

He has been featured in various publications such as “Pittsburgh Magazine,” the “Pittsburgh Press,” the “Beaver Valley Times, the “Youngstown Vindicator,” “Private Clubs Magazine,’ various boxing magazines, “Alternative Medicine and many more. He has been interviewed extensively over the years on both radio and TV shows for his groundbreaking work, which has included The Pittsburgh Today The Channel 4 noon news by Jim Scott, KDKA with Fred Honsburger and KDKA with Robb Pratte, KQV radio by Joe Destio, Channel 11 TV show “Talkin’ Pittsburgh” interview by Don Riggs, WTKN radio interview, Pittsburgh’s Country Music Station interview, his own call in radio talk show for a year on WMBA, and was on air with Asa Aaron, Channel 11, for a TV interview about concussions, learning disabilities, and autism.
He has been a contributing writer for various publications, including the “Pittsburgh Sports Report”, the “North Journal” and the prestigious “Pittsburgh Legal Journal.”

He has been in private practice since 1985. He has also served as the company doctor for Gargaro Productions and the Pittsburgh Musical Theater, visiting doctor at the Rick Smith School of Golf in Naples Florida, and was on staff as the Concussion/Cranial Specialist for the Duquesne University men’s basketball team, under Coach Danny Nee.

He has been a speaker at numerous conventions. He spoke at the Autism Expo in 2009, the Pittsburgh Hospital consortium, the WPIAL coaches and athletic director semi-annual meeting, The Learning Center, and Dr. Pat Lemer’s autism roundtable discussions to name a few.


  • Patent title B.E.S.T., (baseline evaluation and screening test), a patented screening test for brain function and concussions

  • Patent date Issued Apr 17, 2014, Patent issuer and number US WO2012135654 A1
  • Patent description B.E.S.T., (baseline evaluation and screening test), a patented screening test for brain function and concussions.
  • Described are methods, systems, and mediums for testing neuro-mechanical and neurocognitive function which reflect physical and mental compromise that may be associated with, for example, traumatic brain injury (TBI). In particular, a computer-executed method, system, and computer-readable medium for testing neuro-mechanical and neurocognitive function of a subject are described which measure a subject’s performance in a test comprising one or more test modules designed to challenge neuro-mechanical and neurocognitive function and compare the performance to one or more baselines to evaluate physical and mental compromise.   



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