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Struggling With These Symptoms?


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A large percentage of the patients we have successfully treated have previously been treated unsuccessfully by standard means.

» Rest, sleep, and sedentary activity. These standard, outdated methods of treating a concussion are virtually ineffective because they tend to the symptoms, not the concussion itself.

» Ordinary concussion treatments add to the list of negative side effects and often result in underlying mental disabilities.

» Do you suffer from depression or anxiety after receiving a concussion?

» Were you prescribed antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications for your concussion even though you hadn’t had a history of depression or anxiety before your concussion?

» This “multi-disciplinary” approach of prescription medication should not be the appropriate treatment. The truth is that if normal cranial bone movement isn’t reestablished, the brain cannot and will not return to pre-accident status.

» Our treatment is the only concussion treatment in existence that provides relief directly to injury, without medication or surgery. Other concussion clinics constantly change their treatment methods, and actually host summits to declare what hasn’t been working.

» Our treatment has remained the same for over 30 years, all the while yielded positive results.

» CMT has been proven to be successful by numerous objective tests, including the ImPact test.

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In business since 1986, Simkovich Cranial Institute provides superior treatments for head injuries. Dr. Charles A. Simkovich D.C., is one of a handful of doctors who specializes in treating impairments such as concussions, brain trauma, brain injuries, headaches, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, Autism, learning disabilities, Dyslexia, and sports medicine brain trauma.

Unsatisfied with the results of then-existing recommendations and treatments for concussions and other brain function impairments, Dr. Simkovich became fully involved in the research and development of Cranial Movement Therapy. Much of this early time was spent in Brooklyn, New York with Dr. Ferreri, who is a pioneer in the field.

Regardless of the severity of the concussion, Dr. Simkovich has successfully and predictably corrected concussion symptoms for thousands of patients including professional and high school athletes, and victims of vehicle accidents.