“I became a patient of Dr. Simkovich’s when I had a concussion in high school. His treatment quickly resolved the symptoms I was experiencing totally. Since then he has treated me throughout my entire college basketball career, which just ended at UNC. There was a very noticeable improvement in my skills, shooting, balance and hand-eye coordination with each treatment. I ended my senior season averaging 16.9 points per game and shooting 46% from three point range! I thank Dr. Simkovich for all of his help!”

Cameron Johnson - University Of North Carolina / First Round Draft Pick in the 2019 NBA Draft - Phoenix Suns

I have been suffering from the effects of a traumatic brain injury for the last 13 years. I also have a severed nerve in my eye and severe damage to my inner ear which affected my equilibrium and caused me to fall a lot...at least a couple times a month, resulting in many concussions. I had constant brain fog, severe memory issues - I was prescribed a drug for early onset alzheimers -, I was unable to take more than one step, heel to toe, without falling. I was breaking bones from falling and always black and blue with numerous trips to the ER. These are just the most severe complications. There are more. I was so desperate for healing, I traveled from Oklahoma to Wexford, PA to see Dr. Simkovich. No more brain fog, my memory is vastly improved, I haven't fallen in about two months (since my treatment), and I can walk backwards and forward heal to toe across a room without falling! Dr. Simkovich changed my life. I would highly recommend anyone with a TBI to get treatment from him. I would have done whatever necessary to get into his office and I'm so very glad I did.

Therese Venable, Tulsa, OK

Dr. Charlie treated me for the head injuries I had as a player. Before he treated me, I would read something and have no idea what I had just read. Because of his treatment, when I read I don't get tired and understand everything I read.

L.C. Greenwood Pittsburgh Steeler, member of the "Steel Curtain"

I used to get tired after reading just one paragraph. My ability to concentrate was awful. Thanks to Dr. Simkovich’s treatment, I can now read several chapters without a problem.

Don Luce Professional NHL Player 1968-1982

I once was plagued with balance problems. Being a professional athlete, I cannot afford to have balance problems. I started going to Dr. Simkovich for treatment. After a few treatments, I began to see great improvement with my balance. My balance is no longer a problem for me, thanks to the treatment given by Dr. Simkovich.  

Dermontti Dawson, Pittsburgh Steelers

Tom had the following problems: He could only hold a pen like a dagger; He would switch hands, usually mid-line on a page; He was unable to cross mid line with his left hand (he writes left handed); He had difficulty following instructions; He had difficulty handling multiple commands or thoughts. When Tom had completed his treatment with Charles Simkovich and went back to his learning disability teacher for the first new session, she immediately asked, “What happened?!” She remarked to me that the change in Tom was “unbelievable”. She noticed the following things: His motor coordination was almost completely normal; He could hold a pen properly in his left hand, not like a dagger; He was not switching back and forth between hands while writing; He could cross the mid-line of a page, continuing to write with his left hand; He could follow instructions, even complex ones, he was tuning in instead of out; He was able to deal with multiple concepts and directions at one time; Tom was happier and remarked that Dr. Simkovich’s work “made it easier”. There was a tremendous boost in his confidence and self-esteem. Later when Tom had further cranial/spinal adjustments by Dr. Simkovich, Linda Miller noticed “another surge” in Tom’s development. When I thanked Linda Miller, a learning disability specialist having her master’s degree in special education/learning disability and who has extensive experience in working with disturbed and mentally disabled kids, she stated: I can’t take credit for the help” (meaning that it was Dr. Simkovich, rather than she, who turned Tom around).

Tom Schomaker’s Teacher

To: Athletes and Coaches: The Duquesne University basketball team has worked with Dr. Simkovich’s Athletic Engineering program for the past year. The results were impressive, with significant improvements measured in their vertical leap, standing broad jump and in the weight room. My Son also worked in the program, which allowed me to observe the program and the changes it makes from both a coach’s and parent’s perspective. Dr. Simkovich picked up on gait issue with my son during his first session with him. I can say that the improvements my son make in his coordination, foot speed and strength were accomplished quickly, and to a much larger degree than expected. I would recommend this program to any athlete who wishes to improve their physical skills.

Duquesne Basketball Team Danny Nee . Head Basketball Coach , Duquesne University

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. My daughter and I are truly grateful for the time we spent with Dr. Simkovich. He has transformed her life in such a positive way. She began to show symptoms of a mild brain trauma in her junior year of high school. She lost her ability to concentrate for periods of time. She showed symptoms of depression and started to have OCD tendencies at the same time. She began playing competitive soccer at 7 years old and the header was her favorite way to contact the ball. By her freshman year of college, her symptoms had gotten worse. She couldn’t sleep through the night and would have anxiety attacks. She began to need ADD medication to study at all. Her grades were sub-par to say the least. I found out about Dr. Simkovich through a friend, and I immediately arranged to take my daughter to Pittsburgh during her spring break of her freshman year of college. After only a few treatments, she felt the benefits. She was able to sleep through the night for the first time in months. The cloud of depression-like symptoms that hung over her head lifted and felt rejuvenated. Upon returning to school, her reading comprehension improved dramatically such that she could understand and focus without the help of her ADD medication. Her grades improved tremendously, but the best part is that her self-confidence increased all thanks to the work of Dr. Simkovich.

Dawn Stein, St. Louis, Missouri

My son Robert Michael Work became a patient of Dr. Charlies Simkovich. Dr. SImkovich has been treating Mike for dyslexia and learning disabilities. Mike has been a L.D. student since 5th grade, Mike is now a senior at Moon High School. The last few months of his junior year, we noticed a big change in his school work. Mike came up from a D-C average to a C-B+ average. Mike said he noticed a big change after his first treatment. He was able to understand things more clearly in the classroom. Mike improved so much in reading, that I found him his room reading a book and he couldn’t put it down because he was enjoying the book so much. Mike never sat in his room before reading, in fact, I had a hard time getting him to read anything. Now it is a joy to see him so happy and enjoying class because he understands what is going on. Mike is a football player for Moon High School. Mike hopes to get a full scholarship to a Division I school. Mike has improved so much this season; we know that he is feeling good about himself. Mike will be starting offense and defense lineman. Last year, Mike only started defense. We know that the only way to go is all the way to the top. Thanks to people like Dr. Simkovich who devoted so much of his time to helping people like my son.   Sincerely,

Connie, Moon, PA

Dear Dr. Simkovich, About fifteen years ago, I brought my daughter Lottie to you for treatment. As a first grader, she had difficulty concentrating, comprehending, and retaining her school work. I am proud to tell you that this summer Lottie will graduate with highest honors from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and plans to continue post graduate studies to become a professional in art. Lottie still remembers the time she “had her head put back on straight” as she calls it. Thank you and God bless your work,

Pat N.