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Patient Progress is Proof: Simkovich Cranial Institute Testimonials



Mark Kinneer

Pittsburgh, PA



Christopher Jones

Cranberry, PA

I have worked with neurologists, orthopedic concussion doctors, neuro-ophthalmologists, and a multitude of vestibular therapists since my traumatic brain injury. He is very astute, a broad thinker and has been a pleasure to work with.

Diane Sippel

Pittsburgh, PA

My daughter was in an auto accident and diagnosed with a concussion. We were referred to treatment with Dr. Simkovich and I saw an improvement in her. I also had previously experienced head trauma and a concussion. I was so impressed with the treatment adjustments that I have been keeping regular appointments for myself. I can actually feel the re Read more

Mike Cieslinski

Kittaning, PA

I suffered a concussion a couple of years ago from a student who hit me in the head with a bass drum mallet. I had memory issues and constant dizziness along with pressure and fullness in the head. He really cares about his patients and their well being. The whole staff is very friendly and I plan on telling everyone I know this is the place to go Read more

Ron Anon

Dr. Simkovich helped both of my sons with their concussions. He relieved them of all their symptoms headaches, dizziness, Dyslexia, eye focus, and memory problems. They both had severe concussions and are doing great now, Thanks to Dr. Simkovich!

Christy VanArsdale

Pittsburgh, PA

My son had delayed motor development, difficulty processing information, and difficulty remembering things. We had tried OT, PT, nutritionists, and a neurologist and had no success. After a couple visits with Dr. Simkovich, my son was picking up motor skills that he was unable to do with PT and OT. He went from getting D's and F's to Read more

Scott Edgell

Lancaster, PA

I suffered my head injury 30 years ago in the military and slowly declined over the years until the symptoms were so bad the quality of my life deteriorated to the point I could barely function. Unaware of what was happening I visited many doctors and specialists with everyone presenting the same conclusion they "didn't know" what Read more

Linda Conner Stone

Lewes, Delaware

I have gone to Dr. Simkovich for over 20 years and he is the BEST!! If you have any cranial issues, he is the doctor.

Patricia Neubert

Saxonburg, PA

About fifteen years ago, I brought my daughter Lottie to Dr. Simkovich for treatment. As a first grader, she had difficulty concentrating, comprehending, and retaining her school work. I am proud to tell you that this summer, Lottie will graduate with the highest honors from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and plans to continue post-graduat Read more

William Bohr

Pittsburgh, PA

I've been going here for over now, excellent work every time! Couldn't ask for a better doctor!

Jean Lish

Wheeling, WV

“I suffered from migraine headaches since I was 12 years of age. Currently, I am 53 years old. Over the years, I have doctored with numerous MDs, Neurologists, Gynecologists, a Headache Specialist, and Chiropractor. I progressed from there and I sought out a Headache Specialist from Cleveland Clinic, the head of Neurological services from WVU Hos Read more

Danny Nee

Pittsburgh PA

"The Duquesne University basketball team has worked with Dr. Simkovich’s Athletic Engineering program for the past year. The results were impressive, with significant improvements measured in their vertical leap, standing broad jump, and in the weight room. My son who also worked in the program, which allowed me to observe the program and Read more

Cynthia and Kerry S.

Pittsburgh, PA

“By the time Christian had reached eight years old, my previously developmentally advanced, precious son had put up with more therapy hours and techniques than we could count. Like so many children diagnosed with autism, he was a happy, typically progressing toddler who quickly began to lose his developmental skills. My husband and I were pani Read more

Cindy Taylor

Pittsburgh, PA

"I have suffered from concussion symptoms after having two whiplash injuries, causing multiple symptoms including severe head and neck pain, dizziness, and memory problems. A friend of mine told me that I should see Dr. Charlie Simkovich. After trying other treatments without any success, I thought I would see Dr. Charlie. Now my mind feels c Read more

L.C. Greenwood

“Dr. Charlie treated me for the head injuries I had as a player. Before he treated me, I would read something and have no idea what I had just read. Because of his treatment, when I read I don't get tired and .”

Laura Magers

Slippery Rock, PA

Cranial Movement Therapy is not like other current methods that are used to treat concussions. This Cranial Movement Therapy actually the symptoms of a concussion.

Mark, Sarah and Abbey Smyth

My daughter was treated by Dr. Simkovich when her academic performance began to suffer without explanation. We came to find out that a sporting injury to her head, was actually a concussion. We begin treatment immediately after learning that concussions do not heal themselves. Within a short span of time her grades improved and so did her attitude Read more

Dawn Stein

St. Louis, MO

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.' He has transformed her life in such a positive way. She began to show symptoms of a mild brain trauma in her junior year of high school. She lost her ability to concentrate for periods of time. She showed symptoms of depression and started to have OCD tendencies at the same Read more

Antonio Caligiuri

Bishop, CA

"I began seeing Dr. Simkovich after experiencing concussion-like symptoms following a minor car accident last winter. As treatment continued, I also saw improvements in cognitive function, memory, and concentration, all of which had clearly been affected by previous concussions. and Dr. Simkovich continues to be my top recommendation to thos Read more

Joe and Beth Funtal


" Rockwell has been receiving speech therapy one to two times per week since he was two years old (4 years total). Our Speech Therapist, Dr. Miller, released Rockwell much earlier than expected. He has experienced great success in school and reading which is attributed to the progress in his speech and cognitive functions. Thank you for all Read more

Niecie Knight

Cranberry, PA

My husband and I were in a car accident and Dr. Simkovich has been working with us, very professional and easy to work with.

Jake Smithco

Cranberry, PA

I suffered from a concussion for about 8 weeks. I tried all of the "normal" treatments/therapy and nothing was working. I thought it was going to take months to get over. My mom did some research and found out about Dr. Simkovich. I signed up for a 4-day intensive treatment. He was also able to fix other problems from previous blows to Read more

Dr. Carlos Mayer-Costa

Butler, PA

"Tamara was in a motor vehicle accident on December 16, 2014, and suffered a traumatic brain injury. This caused her to have post-concussive syndrome along with symptoms of memory issues, trouble focusing, unsteady gait, involuntary muscle movements and lack of coordination on her left side along with several other symptoms. She still has resi Read more

Robert Michael

Moon, PA

"My son Robert Michael Work became a patient of Dr. Charles Simkovich in Feb. 1987. Dr. Simkovich has been treating Mike for Dyslexia and learning disabilities. Mike has been an LD student since 5th grade, Mike is now a senior at Moon High School. The last few months of his junior year, we noticed a big change after his first treatment. He was Read more

Audrey Glickman

He successfully treats everything from simple dislocations and injuries through head injuries, sick building syndrome, colic in infants, allergies, and more. And he is a great diagnostician. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill physician.


Dr. Charlie is the greatest. Charlie actually worked the concussion from the inside out. I can use my left hemisphere again and I am thinking much more logically.

Anita Morse

McHenry, Illonois

I have had exceptional care. I was cared for with respect and consideration. The treatment always helps any symptoms he is treating.

F. Mark Malick

"On behalf of the United States Wrestling Federation and the Western Pennsylvania Olympic Committee; In addition; all athletes training for Olympic teams, either from the tri-state region or competing, training in the area will have access to your professional consultation and care. I expect that your active involvement in the regional Oly Read more

Samantha Bogear

New Castle, PA

Loved our experience with Dr. Simkovich, he gave us the answers we have been looking for!

Patricia Muncie

Claysville, PA

"I first met Dr. Simkovich in January of 1989 when my daughter, Angela was 8. The grade school she was attending wanted my husband and me to admit her to a facility in Pittsburgh to have her evaluated and put on drugs until she responded to their satisfaction. We refused to do so. My daughter talked about ending her life because of the pressur Read more

L.B. Millet

Pittsburgh, PA

“I first heard Dr. Simkovich speak at an autism conference about helping kids on the spectrum with anything from food allergies to becoming verbal for the first time. He got my attention but I put it in the back of my mind because I had my son (who was nine at the time and diagnosed with PDD-NOS) involved in so many other therapies, a special die Read more

Dr. Beverly Grabski

Industry, PA

Dr. Simkovich is truly amazing! He has worked wonders for me and my health needs. I thank you!!!

Steve Mooshagian

"...I referred one of our quarterbacks to Dr. Simkovich to see for myself if this treatment could make as much of an improvement in a player’s ability as I suspected. This particular young man had loads of potential that he just wasn’t realizing. In just two weeks after his treatment, his times in agility drills were reduced by several te Read more

MaryAnn Rayman

Pittsburgh, PA

It truly was an answer to prayer. My son had suffered several concussions. With his last one, he started his treatment within the UPMC concussion program. (As we had prior) His progress was very slow. We continued that route for approximately 6 months. During this time he became more discouraged and was feeling like he would never be well agai Read more